Preview: 2012 Stride Airlite HD Stand Up Paddleboard

Above is all the 2012 Airlite HD color combinations.  Other colors are available for customizing as well.  There is also an accessory traction pad that can be added to nose are if requested so that a child or dog can have there own traction pad.
The 2012 Airlite HD has a few more features that have been added to the tried and true design.  The first thing that everyone notices is the new centering handle that has been integrated.  This handle it made from the highest quality seat belt webbing that is double layered and super smooth for comfortable carrying of the board.  The webbing is grey on the blue HDs and black on the green HDs. 
The traction looks and feels different on the 2012 HD, because now it has a diamond groove traction pad.  The diamond groove traction has a refreshed look and it is much higher performance that the previous HD traction pads.  The diamond pattern gives better traction in all directions...side to side and front to back as well.
The 2012 HD features a split traction pad as well.  This makes paddling that much easier because it gives you a better sense of where to stand on the board and you will more easily notice if you are standing in the wrong place or not equal distance from the center.  The center line is also a great guide for moving around on the board.  If you want to walk from front to back on a paddleboard you used to have to walk on the imaginary line right down the middle for balance.  Now you can walk on the real split line of the traction pads.  This make a world of differents in having better balance on a paddleboard.
The 2012 Airlite HD features a revamped double action pump that have some heavy duty parts integrated into the design.  These changes in the pump make it so the pump requires less maintenance and it increases the longevity of the pump parts.
The 2012 HD is a combination of three generations of the design, research and development on all types of waterways, and most importantly customer feedback.  All of this has refined the Airlite HD to where it is today as the most durable and versatile stand up paddleboard in the world.
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