SUP That Is Strong Enough For A 4 Ton Truck

The Stride Airlite HD is known to around the world as the strongest stand up paddleboard in the world.  Even so the question on durability is always asked and answer some of the following ways:
-It is so tough you would never worry about loaning it to a friend.
-Tough enough to be used in whitewater on rivers...and can hit rocks all the time everyday.
-Tough enough to be thrown down on the ground.
-Tough enough for airline baggage claim (and you can actually take it with you with out paying fees)
-Tough enough to hit a street side at 60mph. (customer feedback)
-Tough enough to be dragged behind a riding lawn mower with kids riding on top. (customer feedback)
Just to make the real durability issue stick be tested the Airlite HD in a whole new way.  We drove up on a Airlite HD with a 8,400 lb Ford Truck.  Even with this test the board was unharmed and could hold the weight of the vehicle.