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Stride is a brand that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of boards that make sense. We stand behind our product in every way.  Our customers are out there enjoying our boards on all types of waterways including oceans, rivers, lakes, and tidal waterways. 
Stride boards are used on all types of waterways and these waterways are in need of our protection for future generations.  Being water enthusiasts ourselves it is even important that we make a difference while out there on the water.  We are promoting water quality awareness through: "Erase The Trace". Erase The Trace Waterway ethic is a initiative that we have started to raise awareness about the litter that exists in and on the banks of waterways which effects our water quality. Water enthusiasts are the shepherds of the worlds waterways and we can make a difference by erasing the trace of the trash that was left by the past.  The simple act of spending a few minutes picking up trash every time you visit a waterway to surf or paddle will make a difference.
Find out more information here:ERASE THE TRACE